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Sorry for the lack of replying to messages this week beautifuls! I do promise to reply to them all I’ve just worked the craziest week ever! I didn’t even have time to run :( will reply in the next few days I promise!!

It’s amazing what Instagram can do to your photos! I’ve been working since 6am.. Till 11pm.. This is not a true reflection haha!! Tryna take a #selfie and I couldn’t take one without forcing my new phone case in it! Haha! :D #myface #blonde #tedbaker #allthefilter

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Go ahead, Gabriela! :)

[image text] Gabriela is a bodybuilder, and people often say that she is “ruining her body”. Gabriela, just ignore those who try to make you feel bad about following your dream. It’s your body, you are the one who should enjoy it!

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Got myself a #beautiful new phone case! #iphone #tedbaker #summer #fashion #100happydays #100happydayshiyamish #day40


oh I have a thing tomorrow? guess I’ll go to bed at 2 AM instead of 3 AM

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