Hi, what's the 10 week challenge?


If I answer this one more time my heads gonna fly off lol. I’ve challenged myself to run 250k in 10 weeks, so that’s that challenge but I’m also doing another challenge, ‘hiyamishsummer’ challenge which I’ve just blogged which lasts 5 weeks xx

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Not even a week into the hiyamishsummer challenge and I’m already seeing a difference in firmness and slight definition and fat loss on my lower tummy! Can’t wait to see how the rest of it turns out!!! :D

The challenge link is:



Hey guys, I’m Mish and a number of my followers have been watching my progression through weight loss and toning up and have asked me to do a challenge for them to complete. So I have incorporated a number of the exercises that I use so we can get fit together! 

Don’t delete the text or you won’t know what to do

I would advise printing this off and sticking it somewhere you see it daily :)

If you miss a day, it doesn’t matter, just go to the next day, if you miss a week, just start the week again!

Some of these ideas have been taken from behealfit but she’s now deleted her blog, I hope she doesn’t mind me using some of them.


I am challenging myself too guys, so I have no idea how I’m gonna turn out at the end haha!


The letters are for abs, the numbers are for legs, you don’t have to do both parts of the challenge, its up to you how you challenge yourself :)



A- Levitated bicycles

Feet resting against something 90 degrees, move elbow to knee (each side)

B- Scissor kicks

Put ankle weights on your ankles (optional), lie back with shoulders5 inches off the floor, scissor kicks so there is 45 degrees between your legs

C- Side weight bends

With one hand on your hip, and a weight in the other hand, bend side down to as far as you can go, then return and repeat (If you don’t have weights, use heavy household things like washing powder/ milk)

D- Plank in seconds

Hold core in plank position

E-Raised arm twists

With arms raised twist full core to as far as you can one side, and then the other

F-Leg raise and press

With palms facing the floor, raise feet to the air and press up

G- Cycle sit ups


Abs on/of fire link


Legs on Fire Link




1- Lunges

2- Donkey Kicks

3- Wall sits (In seconds)

4-Jumping Jacks




#HiyaMishSummer andddd



Hash tag on instagram and Tumblr your before photos (if your feeling confident) your sweaty selfies, progress pictures and your beautiful faces I’d love to see how you are getting on! I will be following all who hashtag this too to see how your getting on :)


Good luck everyone!!

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life goals: become so hot people make fan blogs about me. 

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More quotes about life here

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"I felt so angry at the UCSB massacre and the sexism we’re blind to everyday so I drew about my opinions on sexism to channel my rage."
Source http://rasenth.tumblr.com/post/86791553337/i-felt-so-angry-at-the-ucsb-massacre-an-article


Reblogging this again because…. Well just look at it

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so i tried to make this deep and meaningful and added a water gif




so i tried to make this deep and meaningful and added a water gif


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"Dear future me" :)

I hope your still as fit and poppin’ as you are now and I hope that life experiences have now shaped you into a better person. I really hope your happy because that’s all you should ever want, I really hope you get your happy ever after :) ps, did you look hot shit on your wedding day? If you find a way of sending pictures back in time it would be greatly appreciated :p xx

Had a lovely #massage today! Well needed, so #relaxing!! #100happydays #100happydayshiyamish #day36

#Beautiful #sunsets, shame me and @abbiesheree had to #run some absolute killer hills to see them! Woulda gone further if it wasn’t like running up and down a mountain! #fitness #weightloss #fitspo #running #nikeplus #nikerun #selfie 110 down, 140 to go :)